Connected To Wi-Fi But No Internet [Fixed]

Connected To Wi-Fi But No Internet: The Internet is a beautiful thing as longest you are connected with the network because when it comes to the internet you need a working connection.

So in case if you are having an internet connectivity issue then this is possible that you are facing two problems which are one is you are either connected with a computer that has no internet or it can possible that your connection is not having any internet access.

So for the one who is using a wireless connection, they will be able to see a message which will say “Connected To Wi-Fi But No Internet”. This message is supposed to mean that your device which is connected to your router is not correctly connecting to the internet.

In order to solve this problem you need to make sure that you are connecting the device with the right network, so if you want to know more about this, like how you can resolve the same issue then continue reading…

When it comes to solving the problem,

Let’s start with the router:

At the time of identifying your router problem what you need to do is you need to connect the other device such as a mobile phone to your Wi-Fi and you need to see that it is working or not.

If the internet is working fine with another device then the problem is maybe in your device or in the Wi-Fi adaptor.

It is possible that the internet is not working on the other device also then there is the possibility that the problem is in the router itself or maybe in the internet connection.

So here we have mentioned to you the few steps through which you can easily fix the router problem.

  •  In case your router and modem both are separated, you just need to restart both.
  • Just turn them off both.
  • Wait for 30 seconds
  • Thereafter turn on the modem first and one minute later turns on the router.
  • Thereafter you need to wait for few minutes and then check.

By doing so, you will solve your small router issue.

What to do when you are having a problem with the internet connection.

Few times it is possible that your Wi-Fi is connected but you are not having internet or maybe your device is having an internet connection issue. The possibility of such error is due to broken cables or maybe there is some destruction in the services or there is something else which you cannot control.

So in order to solve this problem, it is very important for you to know that where is actually a problem? Is it with the internet or it is with the internet providers? In case if you want to check then you need to go on the internet on the modem and see whether the light is working or not.

Basically, the power and the DSL light should be turned on so that you will able to make sure that there is nothing unusual with the lights.

If the lights are on, then it is possible that you are not having any connection problem with the Internet Service Provider.

What to do if you are having a problem with your device.

At the time of connecting another device with your internet using through Wi-Fi, if the internet is available and having access to the other device, then the problem is actually in your device or maybe it is possible that the problem is in the Wi-Fi adaptor.

So what you need to do to fix the problem is just need to restart the device and check. The router, the network and the software problem will be automatically fixed if you restart.

After restarting still your problem exist. Then, you can follow the below steps in order to fix the problem.

Very first you need to right-click on the network icon which will be at the bottom right-hand corner and there you have to click on the troubleshooting problems.

Then windows will automatically diagnose the problem and will try to fix it.

If the window is unable to fix the problem then Windows will tell you what the problem is.

Once you know the problem you can easily search for a solution or you can also check with the expert.

What to do if you are having DNS cache issues.

What basically DNS cache is, then DNS cache stores all the history of visiting websites and also it helps to load web page easily.

Basically, when you enter any URL in the browser, the operating system will intercept this URL and will look for a DNS cache. In case your request matches with the available cache then the operating system will take cache from the DNS cache and will start downloading it from the internet.

Many times it happens that the DNS cache also gets corrupted and because of the technical glitch or maybe due to some unauthorized domain names which are inserted with the help of third-party software.

It also occurs due to the advertisement banners from the other side because it also sends malicious code which may corrupt the DNS cache.

So what you need to do is:

  • You need to press Windows + R and u need to type “cmd”
  • Then after the command prompt will open there you have to type ipconfig/flushdns command and you need to press enter.

The above-given step will delete all your DNS cache and now you can just restart your computer and you need to check whether the internet is connected or not.

What to do when you are facing an internet issue through an IP address.

This problem of IP address occurs when there are two or more devices which are having the same IP address. This basically happens when both of the devices cannot connect to the network.

There are many reasons where IP address problems can happen:

  • It can also happen when two devices are assigned with the same IP address.
  • It also happens when one device is assigned to a static IP address range and the same IP address is also assigned to the other server or the device of the network.
  • Also, the same conflict happens when you are having multiple wireless routers connected to the same network.

What you can do to solve this error is you just need to go to the command prompt when you need to type ipconfig/release command and you need to press enter.


To solve the error of connected to the Wi-Fi but no internet, we have mentioned all the possible reasons you just need to follow them and you need to check with the one you are facing and you will be good to go.

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