How To Download Kodi On Roku? | Guide

How To Download Kodi On Roku?: Kodi is a platform which allows you to play movies, music, video game and TV shows. As it is open-source as well it was developed in the early 2000’s project which the Xbox media Centre has developed.

They have put the ability in it to upload video, pictures and play music as a game console as well, so if we talk about today then the software is available on multiple platforms which include Windows, Mac OS, Android etc.

Let’s talk about the official version of Kodi than that we just tell you that it is not containing any content it is just a media player. In order to watch or play any music on any media, you need to add your own media to the platform even though there are many add-ons are available through which you will be able to playback from a source.

But not all are supported by official Kodi. So it’s best that you select the one which is OK to install but while you cannot have Kodi on a Roku device but you still want to access its content on your device. So you can do a search with the help of screen mirroring.

How To Download Kodi On Roku?

Basically is no such thing as a Kodi app on a Roku device but still, you can use Kodi on your device with the help of screen mirroring.

Now that this is about what exactly is.

Let’s get started on how you can enjoy Kodi entertainment on a Roku device with the help of screen mirroring.

So let’s get started on how you can turn on screen mirroring on your Roku device but before we get started with screen mirroring, you need to look for the device which supports screen mirroring.

  • First, you need to hit Tab on the settings menu you need to scroll.
  • Once you find the system you need to click ok on your remote and you need to open the system menu.
  • After you need to select screen mirroring mode by clicking ok from your remote
  • You need to choose the mode whatever you prefer then you need to press ok from the remote.
  • Thereafter you need to allow screen mirroring always or else you will need to give permission for each time you try to use this function.

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How to Mirror Kodi device via Android device in the process of How To Download Kodi On Roku?.

Actually, you just need to make sure that you have enabled screen mirroring from the Android device. If not, then you just need to turn it on do not worry mirroring Kodi from an Android device is not a hard job, it’s a very quick and easy process so let’s get started with it:

  • Very first what you need to do is just hit app on setting menu then you need to type on display go to the wireless display
  • After now you have to type on the wireless display settings.
  • Then after you need to search for the device which is equipped with Mira cast once it is done
  • You need to tab and select your device from the available displaying
  • Then you need to search for the Kodi app for Android devices so that you can use it.

Apart from Android devices how you can mirror Kodi on other devices.

As we have discussed earlier that Kodi is available on various platforms and you can do install them on Windows, Mac OS, Linux and also Raspberry pi.

So what you need to do if you are a Windows user you can use wireless projection features which is actually a built-in feature in Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 in order to Mirror Kodi on Roku device. But in case if you are using an iOS version of Kodi then it does require jailbreak because it is not suitable for most iOS users.

When it comes to Linux and raspberry pi if you are the one who is using such a platform then you can connect the device to the TV using an HDMI cable instead of screen mirroring. Also in this version of Kodi does not have out of the box features for enabling screen mirroring quickly.

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