How To Turn Off Voice On Roku | Steps

How To Turn Off Voice On Roku: Roku is very committed to providing enjoyable entertainment to its customers including visual and hearing impairments.

Ruko is providing great features along with assistive Technologies to help the customers in enjoying their experience in a wide selection of entertainment which is available on the Roku platform.

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How to turn off voice on Roku by using the remote.

In case if you find Roku talking to you especially when you are reading the interferences allowed then you while making a selection with the remote control then it means you have enabled the audio guide.

Now what the audio guide is an audio guide is actually a feature for the users who are in need of assistance while using the system. So when you activate your Roku you will be able to read options.

So basically there are two simple ways to turn it off.

If you want to on the audio guide or you want to of that audio cast you need to quickly press the asterisk button from the remote four times.

In case if this trick is not helping you do so. Then there is another trick through which you will be able to stop Roku audio.

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How to turn off voice on Roku from talking with the help of set menu.

  • Very first you need to press the home button with the use of Remote
  • Then you need to visit and select settings from the sidebar on the left
  • Thereafter you have to select accessibility
  • Then from accessibility, you need to select an audio guide
  • Simply turn the audio guide off and you are done.

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