How To Fix Modern Setup Host [Fixed]

Modern Setup Host: While using a computer what annoys the most is how a computer works slow? While you are doing some important work and suddenly your computer starts working slow.

We all understand that working with a slow computer is next to impossible task because it annoys a lot also as it takes so much of time completing even a small task.

As a solution to this hog computer in case if you have checked your task manager and somehow the reason is modern setup host then continue reading this article because today we are going to discuss how you can modern setup host and fix it.

In case if you are wondering what a modern setup host is? And how you can fix it? And how does it cost a slow process to the computer then?

Learn what is modern setup host?

The other name for modern setup host is setuphost.exe which basically is a window process that runs usually in the background of the computer while you are doing or installing any update.

This component is installed with Windows operating system and this is located in $Windows.BT folder. But remember that the modern setup host plays a very important role when it comes to running the system and for setting up the process of any upgrade or maybe in previous versions of Windows to Windows 10.

It is possible when you are having Malware or virus in your setup host of exe processes.

In case you are downloading a large update on your hard disc so it may cause you slow read write speed.

Maybe there are other resources or task which is running and making slow down setup process.

In case if you are wondering and you are worried that you may have some virus running in your system somewhere then no need to worry just simply Run antivirus software in your system and still your problem is not solving and still your modern setup host is having your resources than we have mentioned few fixes below just check it out and let us know:

Few ways to fix your modern setup host.

modern setup host

If you are running a lot of processes and tasks while your modern setup host is trying to install or update something on your computer then it is possible that the process may slow down the installation.

What you need to do is you can try disabling all this and you just need to restart your computer and check if that helps.

What else you can do is:

Open the system settings by windows + I key

Then after hit tap into the system and then go to notifications and action this will be on the left side of your system menu.

Thereafter you just need to uncheck the option which will be for windows suggestions and you are done by stopping the tips and tricks step suggestions popping up.

Then after you need to go back to the system settings and then you have to go on personalization manage.

Thereafter on the left inside you will be able to choose the start option and then you just need to toggle off on start and show suggestions options.

Run the Windows 10 troubleshoot.

Incase still your modern setup host is hogging all of your CPU processes then you may try the built-in Windows update troubleshooter program.

What this will do is it will try to find the problem and will let you know. So that you can take further steps.

This built-in available in Windows 10 systems but also if you are looking for Windows 7 and 8 then you can download it from here.

So you need to type troubleshoot in your computer search bar

Then after you have to click on troubleshoot settings and you need to choose to troubleshoot from the left-hand menu panel

Thereafter below getting get up and running section, you will find Windows update and you have to click the Run troubleshooter

Then you have to follow the onscreen instructions which will tell you have you can resolve any other issue.

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Clear out the temporary files.

Modern setup host is trying to update your Windows and still, it is getting ended up or it is just hogging in between then there is maybe an issue with the temporary files in your software distribution folder.

So what happens is basically when a modern setup host program runs because it fails or it can also cause you a Major spike in CPU and disk usage.

You have to press Windows key + R and then you need to open the run dialogue box.

Then just type software distribution and you have to hit enter.

Thereafter in the new Windows, you have to click on the download folder and then you have to hold down the left shift and you have to click on the first item on the list and the last one too.

Thereafter right click on the files and hit on delete button and then you have to close the window and simply restart your computer as usual.

Fix Windows update error.

If your modern setup host is continuously taking hours to just install and download the updates then definitely your CPU and resources are hogging. So it is possible that you may update the corrupted file with just need to be fixed.

So here below we have mentioned steps follow them:

You have to type a command prompt from your computer search and then you have to right-click and run as administrator.

Thereafter you have to run the below-mentioned commands:

DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Scanhealth [enter].

DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Checkhealth [enter].

DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth [enter].

Once you did that you have to wait for the repairs so that it can fix it and you just do not have to disrupt or close the command windows.

Temporary fix.

In case if you are looking for some temporary fix then you can simply disable Windows update but make sure that this is just a temporary solution and will not fix the main root of the problem which is the modern setup host.

So what you can do is you have to

Hold down the Windows key + R and you have to use in the command line and how to hit ok.

Thereafter you have to find Windows update from the services menu and you have to right-click on hit properties.

Thereafter you have to go to the general tab and you have to click on the dropdown menu and you have to choose disabled.

Then you have to click on the stop and you have to move to the recovery tab and there you have to set the first failure to no action and then you have to apply to the save changes.


Hence, we have mentioned to you all the working methods for your modern setup host to fix it.  So just check them out and apply and let us know what method works for you.

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